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RECENT BLOG POSTS has hundreds of home that are for sale right now! Don't waste your time on other sites that have out dated information. We even have the latets market data for your local area and we updated it every month. Further more we maintain a weekly blog with articles ranging from 30 Eas...
1164 E Covey Run, Eagle ID 83616 Hurry, paradise is waiting! This Magnificent Brookwood estate speaks of fine craftsmanship. Formal spaces flow naturally to the luxurious great room and chef friendly kitchen. The Exceptional workmanship throughout is show stopping and the master suite is it’s ow...
There are dozens of sayings about fence sitters: On the bus or off the bus! Shit or get off the pot! Are you in or are you out? The time to hesitate is past! It’s now or never! Sometimes no matter how great the property or how great the price, buyers hesitate and screw around and lose out on the...
You must let go of preconceptions about what someone paid for the property that you are looking to purchase. A property is worth what a buyer is willing to pay and a seller is willing to let it go for … period.   Just because someone paid $300,000 for the property last year, doesn’t mean crap. Th...
In real estate, communication goes much deeper than telling people what you want them to know. It’s not about interrupting to get your point across or broadcasting an uninterrupted stream of information. In real estate, communication means LISTENING. True communication goes both ways. It is not a...
A house in disarray increases stress, depletes energy & is downright overwhelming. When a potential buyer walks into a home for the first time, and every room looks like Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation just moved in and brought all his knick knacks with him, they will not be able to envision...
As a real estate professional, you have a responsibility to educate your clients. That does not mean you bore them with long stories about yourself that nobody on this planet gives a flying crap about; the idea is to help them understand what they need to know about the real estate market to make...
If you jump right in the first second you meet somebody and say, I’m a REALTOR! First of all, who on this planet hasn’t been a REALTOR at one time or another? Secondly, the public perception of real estate agents, more times than not, is related to being: Liars, Crooks, Worthless, Useless or a Jo...
This is a question that gets asked a lot when you are a Professional real estate agent. Notice how I said Professional. Other agents get asked, why have you shown me 40 homes and we still haven’t found one that we like yet?Getting back to the original question, Why Should I Buy The First House Yo...
Sellers have every right to be proud of their property. And they have every right to be proud of the thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars they spent in upgrades that nobody else on the planet would have paid for, expect them! … And every once in a while, they’re just a little too prou...

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