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Ever thought of working and living in a small little town on the edge of Wine Country? Are you a resident manager with experience in HUD Administration? Charles Street Village is a charming 48 unit Seniors complex in downtown Cotati. The residents of Charles Street not only just live there, they ...
    We had a real treat this past week in Bodega Bay, when Tall Ships based out of Grays Harbor, Washington, paid us a visit. According to the local paper, Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain have never been here before and their presence was an instant hit. Actually ... too much of a hit. Tho...
  I feel prettyOh so prettyI feel pretty and witty and blessedI feel pretty ... and I pityOther toilets in the M-L-S I feel prettyOh so prettyI could be yours if you buy this homeI feel prettyOh so prettyOh please make me your new throne
Telling it like it is ... I have a profound appreciation for real estate agents who have the courtesy of describing a home accurately. It irks me to no end when I read about a "charming home with loads of potential" when the only thing worth saving is the front door. Yesterday, I came across a l...
I love helping people. And when helping someone a great deal only requires an unsecured loan of $25.00, it pleases me to no end when I see a loan payment land in my bank account. Today, $8.27 has been repaid including the $2.07 I received this morning. The loan I am referring to is a micro loan t...
Holy Cow, Batman. Where did the inventory of Homes for Sale in Sonoma County go? Since the beginning of the year, we have experienced a huge spurt in buyer activity, primarily due to low interest rates and low prices. As a result, the current supply of available properties in Sonoma County is les...
As a real estate broker, I am constantly traveling back and forth between towns and Cities within Sonoma County. And as well as I think I know my County, I'm quite often surprised when I find that a home isn't in the City I thought it was in. There is a line of demarcation somewhere, dividing jur...
Have you ever tried to fit something through a doorway, just to find that the door itself was in the way? Just ask anyone who has ever been confined to a wheelchair at some point in time, they will tell you that most doorways are too narrow to begin with. One solution is to remove the door altoge...
Aging in Place, as defined by Wiki, is "the ability to live in one's own home - wherever that might be - for as long as confidently and comfortably possible". Think about that for a moment ... think about the home you are living in right now. It may be a little too big if you are an empty nester...
  As a Native Oregonian, I love it when I see other Oregonians representing their home State in a good light. Haley Johnsen, from Beaverton, is doing just that. Last night, American Idol aired a performance featuring Haley, Reed Grimm, Elise Testone, and Eben Christian Franckewitz. It was a fant...

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