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Real estate news and views, helpful tips for home buyers & sellers, and the occasional rant perhaps
There is an old, old mnemonic that helps you remember the 5 reasons that real estate is such a good investment, relative to other investments like stocks or bonds. A trainer we worked with recently added a sixth reason starting with M that makes the mnemonic a bit less convenient, but it still wo...
Cynthia and I are Sarasota Chapter Leaders for a non-profit organization called the Weston A. Price Foundation (, which is dedicated to education and activism on the topic of nutrition and modern foods. A lot of what chapter leaders do (and Cynthia does the lion's share of th...
One way to track foreclosures is in number of new foreclosures filed, but that can be misleading. A really huge county with a lot of homes will of course have a larger number of foreclosures, but that isn't a fair comparison next to, say, a smaller county that had fewer homes to begin with. So we...
We recently attended a roundtable discussion with Steve Greenberg, Real Estate Attorney with the firm Icard Merrill, and it would be impossible to share all of that. but a few of the high spots are right here. If just one of the tips below turns out to be a "Hey, it's news to me!" moment, then re...
So you have a unit in a condo association, and part of your monthly (or quarterly) condo fee goes for insurance -- so your troubles are over, right? Well ... not so much (and most of you know this), because the condo insurance doesn't cover the inside of your unit. You have to purchase your own p...
Our office learned about lots of smart insurance moves in a training last week delivered by Joseph Sikora of Oswald Trippe and Company (Sarasota, 941-552-5606). One of the topics was the "My Safe Florida Home" program ... It should be no surprise that some homes are built better than others, and ...
I read recently that real finds estate salespeople rank only a notch or two above used car salespeople in terms of public perception of integrity. Wow --- that' pretty low! I'll admit, there have been occasions during the last 2 years when I've had a twinge of embarrassment in telling people I've...

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Real estate news and views, helpful tips for home buyers & sellers, and the occasional rant perhaps