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I forgot in the last blog ... having good referral relationshis with vendors is nice ... no kidding, sometimes they refer us clients! But today we experienced yet another benefit. At 6:15 Cynthia got home to find the house hot and the air conditioner not working. I called our trusty AC company, w...
We like to let our clients know that they can count on us for all kinds of things besides the sale of real estate. For example, if they need a good roofer, we know one or two who we trust, and we're happy to make those referrals. If they have a question about mortgages or credit, I'm not an exper...
For many years, Ed Smith Stadium over at 12th and Tuttle has been the spring training home for the Cincinatti Reds. The Reds are leaving us after the 2009 spring training session, and I wasn't really in on that controversy. But now the news is that the 2007 World Champion Boston Red Sox are looki...
The past 2 1/2 years have been tough on realtors in our area -- one of the hottest appreciation spots during the boom, we crashed hard when the brakes got put on. Typically, activity slows down about 20% in the summer months (considered off-season down here). Not so far this year! Today we got ca...
Our broker was the one who suggested we begin to blog on AR; in fact, he suggested it a number of times over a 30-day period before it sank in. He said that it would help raise our profile on the Web, help people get to know us better, and help generate referrals. He said that some people in our ...
I mentioned recently that I attended a talk by our State Senator Ron Reagan, and that I found it inspiring and enlightening. I do understand that any politician's job is to get me to like him (not easy for a politician) and Mr Reagan is good at that . And I know that anytime someone talks straigh...
Playing around with posting pictures in the blog for the first time. Okay, so this wasn’t today. We took a few days off and drove about an hour south to the ever-exotic Boca Grande, where we did … nothing. Well, we did look at some fine real estate. A beautiful place but not cheap! Outside those ...
It's so easy to get distracted by one thing or another and not make those outbound calls to your sphere of influence, reminding them that you work by referral and for them to keep you in mind. They are not in fact difficult calls, but I often treat them as if they are. And the longer I proscrasti...
An associate of ours has kept a speadsheet for the past few years keeping track of some critical numbers for the MLS - number of homes on the market, average number of weekly sales, etc, etc. We have fallen out of contact with this realtor and so have not had ready access to his spreadsheet -- bu...
Careful with that axe, Eugene! When I was a new agent, my former team leader told me a story about a great buyer she was working with. They had a natural rapport and seemed to really be communicating well -- becoming more like friends! Don't you love that? While touring homes, the pair found one ...

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Real estate news and views, helpful tips for home buyers & sellers, and the occasional rant perhaps