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Anyone needing a change or just wants more information let me know. EXIT REALTY: We're on to something big, SOMETHING VERY BIG!! The best part about EXIT is that it was created with one person in mind - YOU! Be with the Best Trained Associates in the Industry. Contact us today. Each Office is Ind...
Here it is in a nutshell. We have to get cracking if we are going to put more 1st time homeowners in homes before DEC 1, 2009. Here are a few quick tips that might help  Finances: Start collecting pay stubs ,tax returns ( if can't find order from the IRS), anything that proves you have money. You...
I just read an article about ways to stay positive in today's market and wanted to share some of it with other. It is a great reminder that we control our on destiny. AVOID TOXIC PEOPLE - We find them everywhere -our friends -co-workers -neighbors-family. Limit your time with these people they wi...
The price to renew your driver license and car tags will be increasing as of September 1. 2009. You can renew up to 3 months early.   Don't wait this can save you money!!!!
Home prices are at level not seen since 2003. Prices have fallen 30 percent from the peaks of 2006. The good news is home prices posted their FIRST quarterly increase in three years, This is signaling the housing market has turned a corner, Don't get me wrong prices have a long way to go to recov...
  Now we can buy appliance and get a rebate. Not sure how many people will run out to buy a new appliance but this will help all new homeowners buying short sales and foreclosures. Most every home for sale in Palm Bay Florida falls into this category needs some type of a household appliance. This...
WOW!!!  Mortgage rates are at there lowest levels in THREE Months.  A 30-year fixed-rate mortgage average 5.12%. Last week the average was 5.29%. This time last year a 30 year Fixed-Rate- Mortgage averaged 6.47%. The 15-year Fixed- Rate mortgage averaged 4.56% down from 4.68% from last week. A ye...
We would all be rich if we knew the answer to this questions. The bigger question is are we going to sit around and wait for the bottom when we don't know when it will be. My thinking is.....If the time is right for you to sell or buy a house you should do it. Stop letting the media and your frie...
  We can save ourself some money by renewing early. Motor Vehicle Reistration Fee and Driver License Fee will increase on September 1 2009. You may renew 90 Days Prior to your Birth-month. So check this out so you can save $$  You can also renew for 2 years on your car tag! Call 407-836-4145 for ...
The rush is on.  The deadline for purchasing a home using the $8000 tax credit is November 30, 2009.   You might be surprised to find out how quickly the remaining days left to take advantage of the "free" money from the government will click away. Let's take a look at how you might use up your t...

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