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As a real estate agent, the client has total input * you have a listing or a buyer broker agreement * which is job specific * SELL MY HOUSE or GET ME A NEW HOME. Becoming a property manager means your employement may not be finite or dependent upon an end result.  If you do LEASE ONLY/TENANT LOCA...
Much like real estate managers get calls or emails from would-be clients and we need to be prepared to do our homework. The first place to start is the county or city tax assessor's web site...with the owner's name or property address, tax records are easy to research for acrea...
Sometimes we take over properties that have tenants already in place.  Usually we get copies of leases...maybe we get a copy of a move-in property checklist and rarely do we get copies of tenant applications.  DIY landlords may think they don't have to provide, buyer's agent forgets to ask for th...
....we can't do things they way we used to do them.  The days of calling a prospective tenant's landlord and asking "would you rent to them again" are OVER. Most states have landlord-tenant laws and almost all have a "confidentiality" caution in them.  Prospects need to provide permission to thei...

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