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  Actually * many states already have similar laws and they can be found on a great resource website Domestic violence victims are often considered a protected class once they have a restraining order in place.   Sacramento Property Manageme...
  I missed this GREAT post first time around.  I AGREE * I Leased-to-Own my FIRST real estate investment with a $500 draw from my ONLY credit card in Hawaii in the mid-70s....It worked GREAT and I should have thanked my real estate/listing agent MORE for her hard work in educating me....I did not...
  I found myself * I am at an address that is 6 years old and I am a male!....they say I own the business location of the address which I never did and that I make $270K....this is FUN!!!   I was very excited when I read this post from a Facebook friend: There's a site called that's a ...
  I'm stressing this in my end-of-the year newsletter to clients.  Even if they have NOT sent them a 2011 calendar, property owners need to call their insurance agent and update their coverage! this isn't a very exciting topic but it's necessary!  An annual check-up on your homeowners...
This has been a VERY BUSY end of the year WEEK.   Although I will send out 1099 information in January, 2011, I'll send every client an end of the year newsletter with a recap of upgrades for 2010 and what is in store for 2011.  I'll also send year-end cash flow re-cap with a cash flow page with ...
I frequently go to properties that have dogs and cats.  I want them to check me out, smell my pants and determine for themselves that they can trust me.  I've always wondered if they can tell that I have B/S dogs and what kind; however, I know they know to trust me.  When I get HOME, it is a diff...
This is SO FUNNY * I had the same thing happen to me in a property Pearl City 30 years ago...Calling the resident manager ON HIS cel phone would have been my first course of action before jumping in the car and the resident needed to get OUT of the apartment maybe she would have learned what was...
With the year 2010 closing out, I really want to thank my service vendors that assist me with the management of my business and my clients' properties.  When people ask me HOW I can manage properties BY MYSELF, I respond very quickly that I have EXCELLENT service personnel that help me * Dominion...
  This has been my mantra for several years...many property owners who sell THEN want to RENT because they want to stay MOBILE and they wany to KEEP THEIR OPTIONS.  Many of our area homeowners who are going to rent when they move, KEEP their local property and not hassle with trying to sell it BE...

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