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Reply |Ben Wilson to info show details 7:19 PM (23 hours ago) --I have registered your consignment box.All the necessary arrangement of the delivering your $2.500, 000.00 USD incash was made with FedEx Courier Service.So contact Mr. Brett HooperEMAIL: bretthooper0@yahoo.cnFor your information, I ...
I am not a FORD fan.  I had Ranger pickups in a former life and I remember the term Fix Or Repair Daily......Ford did NOT take the government auto bailout because they had sufficient capital including 20% stake in Mazda. Harry Reid has MISTAKENLY mentioned Ford being bailed out by the government ...
I am at my most ACCOMMODATING PROPERTY SHOWING mode.  I get gas in my car when it is half-full and I have 10 minutes.  I have Coke Zero bottles in my car AND my car phone charger.  I am often on the phone arranging a rental home viewing while prospects are following me to their next property view...
Rupert Murdoch, who owns News Corp which in turn owns the Wall Street Journal AND FOX cable network * as in Fox News, has JACKED UP the rate the WSJ charges the White House for it's clipping service by $600,000......Way to GO Rupert!!
  HOW did the White House FIND this woman? She should NOT be on unemployment because she is on PROBATION for PRESCRIPTION DRUG FRAUD. From the website • Leslie Macko, from Charlottesville, VA, lost her job as an aesthetician in 2009.  She received, and exhausted, Virginia un...
The Volt can travel 40 miles on its battery charge and an additional 340 miles on a gasoline-powered generator.   GM has a NEW Edsel.      I actually REMEMBER the Edsel and I suspect there are few at GM or the White House who remember this automotive FIASCO or why nobody puts their son's names on...
Mexican Telecom Uber Magnet Carlos Slim just bought a Fifth Avenue townhouse for $44m.....although the HIGHEST priced sale was $53m.....this is a BIG deal considering Rush Limbaugh's condo sale is scheduled to close anytime now.
I've had a kindle for 2 years...and LOVE it.  I am an avid reader * probably an hour of pleasure reading a day on average * and it is a JOY to be able to download a book and start reading in MINUTES. The kindle actually SAVES me money because the book titles are on the kindle OR on my Amazon acco...
Known as "the cat in the hat" around NASCAR tracks, Jack Roush * owner of Roush Fenway Racing *  is a pilot had has numerous planes including a P-51 Mustang which is what my father flew in WWII.  Roush was returning from WI after attending the Annual Experimental Aviation Show.  Roush Fenway Raci...
I got a call on Monday morning from prospects wanting to see a home I have for rent.  It took me 30 minutes to get to the property and they were waiting outside  While showing the home, they indicated they were selling their home in NY and wanted to rent for a year before buying....PERFECT!!!  Th...

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