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I recently wrote a blog and a client newsletter article about the leasing process.  Many property owner/clients think it is an EVENT * SHOW & actuality, it is a PROCESS and the SHOWING, while important, is often not even in the process.....sometime residents rent sight-unseen so the ...
My recent post indicating a departing tenant left a bath closet full of towels (not nice or matched) got me thinking about all of the STRANGE items that have been left....not just furniture or towels - pets, cars, plants, drugs. At an eviction in Santa Rosa, CA 25+ years ago, when I went in with ...
I'm half way done.....I've returned half of the security deposits for residents "departing" rental homes this summer...70% got ALL of their deposit back....I'm so pleased. I have never intentionally make deposit returns a "profit center" for my company.  I do charge a 20% service charge (written ...
I've been following Jeff Opdyke's Love & Money articles in the WSJ....he and his wife were all set for him to take a position with WSJ in Hong Kong.  The chance of a lifetime for their family...only problem was getting their current home sold.  They tried and tried to get it sold and ran out of o...

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