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I am so pleased that out of 23 move-outs since Friday, June 20th, 5 of the properties were PERFECT * even to there being full toilet paper rolls in each bath.... My leases expire at noon on 3rd Friday of June, July or August....I allow 7 to 10 days for "make ready" down time between residents.......
Area Craigslist rental listings are slowly dwendling, homes are renting FAST and prescreening is even MORE important with gas at $4+/gallon.I can tell more and more landlords are pre-screening caller/applicants.  Prospects when they call ALREADY know what questions to answer - when they need to m...
Jerry did not allow comments on his blog....SOOOOOOoooooo IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) does a study on property management salaries and publishes it to members and to the public.  This information is NOT for on-site/resident managers who are now called "property managers" by some......
While Central Virginia Realtors are bemoaning no buyers for their lisings, the local rental market for SFRs * single family homes * is BRISK.Schools are out for the summer and altough gas prices are now at $4/gal locally, people are moving into the area in DROVES!!Additionally, many residents who...
There are many reasons property managers don't post their listings on their local MLS. 1)  Many MLS systems don't even HAVE a rental section of their MLS.  I did not know this until I took a 2-day class from my website provider in AZ last Sept.  PMs in the class indicated that although they paid ...
It's happening already in our area. It usually takes until mid to late July for property owners with unsold homes to realize they need to RENT their home when they move....this is known as the "shadow rental market". For the last 2 years, those homeowners would call me directly - they by-passed t...
One of the main reasons I have not suggested purchasing condos as investments has been the tendancy to have self-managed board of directors cost ALL owners money.A few Sundays ago, I was at my office when I received a phone call on one of my rental signs.  The caller identified himself as member ...
With my summer move-in/move-outs a week or so away, I'm alerting the vendors and service personnel on my management team about my upcoming needs for their services 1)  I have a Class B LICENSED contractor that I use for painting, repairs, blinds - almost everything that does not involve pulling a...
It took me a long time to realize how much PITA (Pain In The A-S) tenants and CLIENTS cost me in time and energy to deal.  I've started 2 property management firms from scratch....while starting the FIRST one in NoCA 20+ years ago, I took any and all would-be clients * I got in the car, drove to ...

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