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For some reason, this year, I have several tenant move-ins with PODS....they want the PODS unit delivered the day before their move in, then they arrive and have their moving crew move their belongings into the property and the PODS is picked up next day.....I am trying to make sure that the PODS...
Few landlords or property managers realize that they have rights and duties when residents are victims of domestic violence.  The website is an EXCELLENT resource and has a publication that outlines this issue for rental housing providers on a state-by-state basis... http://www....
Having been quoted in The Hook about the rental increases for GOOD, single family homes, I'm including some recent articles on the real estate market nationwide that supports my observation that the local market is enjoying some significant rental increases.$ There are fewer rental homes in the a...
More and more frequently, I am getting applicants who own property elsewhere that they are not selling and have chosen to rent.  Their credit report comes up with their mortgage obligation on that do you verify additional rental income to cover that expense?  Do you 1) request cop...
Craigslist posting with SCAMMER suggesting prospects provide their own credit report is the SECOND "hidden" caution in the SCAM.  With a copy of the credit report that a prospect can run on themselves, fake IDs can be easily produced which scams the CL "prospect" a second time. At a recent Virgin...
Sometime property managers are so anxious for business and properties, they fail to protect themselves from PITA owners.  Here are some ways to make sure the relationship is beneficial to BOTH parties: 1) Have your property presentation at the property....there are 2 schools of thought on this - ...
Each of my properties are featured on my website with interior photos and floor plans.  My husband, a reformed framing contractor does my floor plans on a computer program named HomePlanPro.  These floor plans have GREATLY increased my web marketing effectiveness and property leasing. With 30+ ph...

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