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That's right!! I am the new REO Director for SellState Real Estate. I have created a team of agents who I think are FABULOUS!! They are motivated, eager go getters! My AM's are excited to send me more biz now that I can handle more volume!! So watch out Orange County, CA cause I am about to get t...
I got a phone call today and was asked if I knew any Asset managers in Texas looking for a new company/bank to work for. I am in Orange County,CA and the AM's I know here want to stay here. I was also leaked some info that this bank is going to be starting their own in house Asset Managment Compa...
Do you live in Orange County, CA? Are you an active agent but biz is kinda slow? Are you looking to get into the REO biz but can't due to the overwhelming amount of agents also trying to follow suit? Are you looking to subsidize your income so you can weather the storm? Now most important are you...
Did you know you are graded on everything you do with an AM? You are graded on the quality of your BPO, the time it took you to turn it in, the pictures (following specific instruction) and if it is complete. Your REO listing is graded on all of your tasks and by each AM you come in contact with....
I recently was asked why do I blog and isn't time consuming?? It took me bit to come up witht he answer but it went something like this: Importance of blogging.........Blogging help raise your google/yahoo ranking for free. Good blogs with tags and links and widgets that are linked deep into your...
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On all my REO listings I have hired people from referrals from other agents and craigslist to clean out my properties and it was hard to manage home much money I had out and who I needed to pay and it was very time consuming. Each REO listing has gotten easier as I go along until this most recent...
I posted about the asset manager for B of A and I got a ton of emails and comments and I sent everyone who asked the info. Then I started thinking "hmmmmm I bet I can better use this info." Only 1 person out of about 45 traded AM info with me. Everyone else just took the info and thanked me which...
Ring ring.........Ring ring........ Who the heck is calling me at 6am??? My business hours are not till 9am!! Let it go to voicemail..........Ring Ring.......... It's 6:01am!!!! I better answer maybe it's an asset manager on the East coast and they wanna give me a million dollar listing!!! I answ...
I have a client that is going to purchase 2 lots w/ buildable plans for several condo's. I called him yesterday to touch base with him and he called me back today. I was taking my son to Kumon so i couldn't answer the phone. he left me a message about how he is getting money from a settlement and...

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I love to blog about all my funny REO situations. I also like to blog about the best water front city in Orange County. The lazy little beach town I like to call home. San Clemente.