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In this new environment it is a reality that the appraisal is ordered near or at the end of the loan process which means "all we are waiting on is the appraisal" has never been so true.  No deal is a done deal until it's closed and recorded. So . . . how can you effect faster turn times without c...
You most likely have a local appraiser you trust and use, but what about the deal that is out of your area?  How do I find an appraiser there? There are several solutions: - you can go on your states web site and find licensed appraisers in that area but often they have left the business or you h...
FHA is taking lending by storm it seems.  So what do we need to know ?? The legislation recently passed to require FHA appraisers to be Certified and not just licensed was set to go into effect 10/1/08, some states said they were adopting this at the 10/1/08 deadline and others such as California...
It's a new day!  We all feel the difference in our businesses.  There has been great changes and more to come.  I loved the blog on embracing change.  We can stick our heels in the dirt and go screaming or grab on and make the most of it. So what is all this change and how is it effecting my time...
Integrity, what is the cost?  Not having it, a lot!  Our intentions to our clients and business associates, our commitment to ourselves to do and be our best is the best "value added" element of our personal businesses.  I use to teach Real Estate Appraisal and was dubbed "The Preacher".  On the ...

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