This great house in Brandon, MS 39042 is such fabulous find!  I know, there is something intriguing about buying a brand new house, but we sometimes forget all the additional costs involved in doing so!  This floor plan is a split plan with eat-in kitchen and formal dining space! It's an open con...
1108 Ridgewood Blvd, Jackson, MS - what a beautiful spot to hold an open house! This afternoon the sun is shining and the rooms are bright!  This is one of those houses that makes you marvel at the care some take of their homes.  As I sit in the living/dining room, the walls appear to be freshly...
Safety and security often take a back seat to "staging" during the house-selling process.  Staging your house is important to make it appeal to the broadest number of buyers.  Safety and security is important in keeping you and your resources, identities and belongings safe and secure! Being safe...
1734 Sheffield Drive in Jackson is READY for a Real Estate Nerd moment!  Today (the most beautiful day of 2014 in Jackson, MS) I am happily blogging away in between visits from potential home buyers at an open house!  I've mentioned in previous posts that I often dream about renovating homes in m...
I woke up this morning and realized that I am, in fact, a real estate nerd.  Sometime early this morning my husband and I were both awake.  He indicated he'd been having bad dreams.  I said, yet again, I'd been dreaming about renovating a house.  I could feel him roll his eyes through my back.  N...


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