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Do you carry client’s personal & confidential info on your computer? Do you have copies of clients mortgage applications stored in your email? Do you use free email accounts? Then you may be vulnerable and liable if that data gets out Cyber-liability insurance is a type of insurance focused on th...
 we have see a huge rise in systems being hacked. Cyber-insurance is a very popular coverage many are looking into to protect their business assets and confidential information. I recently post a blog on storing data in the cloud and cyber insurance
Do you use vendors? Are they insured? These are questions you need to ask yourself before referring them to your clients As a small business reliant on vendors for their services, your persistence in tracking certificates of insurance from each of your vendors helps to insulate you from liability...
Charita has an Excellent Post on Emails and how emails can be used to prove or dispute a case. I had Dinner last night with one of our E&O Claims attorneys. He pointed out the first thing they look for in a lawsuit is to view all the emails in the transaction. If you are not saving your email com...
How often do you hear on the news about an injured car accident victim who received a million dollars in damages because the driver of another car accidentally crossed the double yellow or ran a red light?  We all feel bad for the victim, but have you ever wondered who pays those million dollars?...
Springtime is also wedding time, many brides and grooms will tie the knot this spring  If you are not sure whether you need special event insurance for your wedding day? Use this handy check list to find out. *        Is your wedding or reception outside? When having an outdoor ceremony or recept...
Your Buyers are purchasing an REO property. They ask you if there were any previous damages from any Insurance claims? You can’t find the previous owners to ask? Oh, What to do? Order a CLUE report Providing information to a potential buyer that makes the home you are selling more attractive is t...
In some cases, your home’s state of disrepair can become a costly problem for an insurer. When you have loose shingles on your roof, doors that are cracked or easily compromised, and debris lying around your yard, you increase the risk of suffering damages during an insurable incident which incre...
What dog doesn’t like to go for a car ride every once in a while—and what dog owner doesn’t like to indulge that? And cats, while not friends of automobile transportation in general, need to visit the vet annually in order to ensure their continued good health which means they, too, must travel b...
Your home is probably your largest single investment, so insuring it adequately is very important. It is estimated that about 60 percent of American homes are underinsured by an average of 22 percent. You should have an amount of insurance that is sufficient to rebuild your home in the event it i...

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