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Orchestrating the changing of hands of a going concern business is a lot different than managing a real estate transaction. A real estate transaction is a fairly simple thing. Usually, a one page document that specifies the names of the buyer and seller, the closing date, the sale price, and spec...
You might be asking yourself "Do I need a personal assistant to help me with my business?" Before you answer the question consider the areas of your business where a personal assistant might help. The following is a list of things that a personal assistant can do: Process new listings and enter i...
Many Realtors don't know much about creating brochures and flyers. The information below might give you a starting point about how to learn about creating your own promotional materials - which could save you a lot of money. The information below I had to learn on a trial and error basis. I made ...
 A firm says that it has received approval from the Indian government for a new development in the city of Greater Nodia. Greater Nodia is located near the Indian capital city of New Delhi.The developer is a company called Trikona Capital. In addition to the New York office Trikona Capital has of...
 Don't you just love these forecasts that the major and semi-major commercial real estate firms publish? If the economy were falling like a ton of brick they would still find a way to put a positive spin on it. Commercial real estate services network NAI Global has released their 22nd annual Glob...

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