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The Life and times of beautiful Odenton, MD
    But better that then this view from my front porch just a few short months ago...      
There has been a bit of a to do recently on The Rain over syndicating blog posts complete with their comments.  One of the first questions that kept popping up was, "Were they member's only posts?"  In theory, I suppose I can see why people might be up in arms about that. If something they thoug...
  To be fair it's quite a habit...  
Do you know what QR Codes are?  If not, you should, because eventually you will! If you happen to receive an email from me you might notice a funny looking box on the bottom in my signature.  In fact, you 've most likely begun to noticing these funny little boxes everywhere and wondered what the ...
     We here at the 549 (as we call my homebase) in beautiful Odenton, MD are technology junkies.  My home is the fulltime residence of... 4 desktop PCs, 1 Mac, 4 laptops, 1 netbook, 1 iPad, a (waterproof!) Kindle, 5 iPods, 3 Motorola Droids, and 1 iPhone.  VS.         As you might guess from the...
 Life in Odenton, MD  I saw this on the way to work the other day and it made me smile... It's a sale on kids... and one infant.  Some mom must have been having a tough day!  I've been there!  What's the going rate on a 19 year old??  

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The life and times of beautiful Odenton, MD