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Great program Larry! A lot of valuable lessons learned through lemonade, and business. I hope this and other programs like this catch on throughout the country.   Lemonade Day - Elkhart County, IN - May 21, 2016.     Video from 2015 Featuring Sofia and Parnasi Lemonade Day is an exciting day for...
How Much Do You Save When You Do It Yourself?  (a Negative $492,600)    Unfortunately the people who need to make the most money from their forest are generally the first people to take a small shortcut that will damage their forest and their bank account.   Countless examples have proven to us ...
Free 24-7 Online Audio Library Yes I do have a lot of books, tapes, cd’s in my office but I am always wanting to read something more so I do spend a fair amount of time at the Library. I have library cards for libraries all around Wisconsin, as I do travel a lot, not only do I find great things ...
Upper Michigan Gogebic County; Forests, Wildlife, and Recreation. Upper Michigan is one of my favorite places with cool summers, snow filled winters and some of the best Sugar Maple in the world.With over 9 million acres of forestland, and not that many people, this place is a real treasure. This...
Happy Mothers Day to the Mothers of the World and the Mothers in our lives!   There have been a lot of mothers in my life who have had so much influence on the man I am today.  My mother in law Marilyn Brey left us a few years ago and we miss her so much. My mother is also an exceptional woman w...
Happy Mothers Day to all!I have heard that a few may be hosting open houses this weekend so that the Moms in your town will have another option for this special day.All the best to you and the folks who will be enjoying your homes!Bob     How many tools do you have in your home-selling kit? Do yo...
It has been a while since I have shared one of the many gems that Lou Ludwig shares so freely.Enjoy the words of wisdom and if you have not subscribed to Lou's blog yet, do yourself a favor and do so right away.Have a great weekend!Bob Be in The Moment . . . . Focus On The Positive “Our fatigue i...
Another Forest Leaving Forestry Behind, maybe not. I often talk to  people who are thinking that they are saving trees by not using them, and I keep repeating that this is a FALLACY promoted by well meaning pseudo environmentalists who know very little of nature, carbon cycles or economics. We d...
Better late than not at all, thanks to our friends Wayne and Jean Marie Zuhl for reminding me of this fun day celebrated by all the Star Wars Fans.   May the forth be with you friends! This is the blog you're looking for. And I don't have a bad feeling about this. Even though George Lucas and the...
Timber & Wildlife Evaluation making a difference in finding BuyersHaving a good Timber appraisal and Wildlife Habitat inventory can make the difference in finding the right buyer for forestland properties.A good Forest inventory and apppraisal will allow your seller to properly price and market t...


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