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Thanks for sharing the tips Jan Green , I am using some of these now and will adopt the others in the future. Recently, I had the priviledge of meeting the Melissa Goodwin, Marketing Manager, Allstate Appliance at a Green Living Magazine event.  Chatting with them, they handed out a "Tips for Red...
I agree Lou, building good habits is the key to accomplishing many of our goals. Through Your Habits You Build Your Bridge to Success “Habits can build a bridge to success . . . . or take you down a dead end path. When you want to change the direction of your life you have to change your habits.”...
One thing for certain, you can expect success if you listen to Mike Cooper .Thanks Mike! When my sons were little they were like most kids.  They saw something, they wanted it.  Fortunately for them, they never did the screaming "I want it, I want it" in a store.  I could look at them if they eve...
I Know You...   from Active Rain I need to get used to getting calls from people who know more about me than I know about them.  Especially with Active Rain doing a great job of broadcasting all of my stuff across the nation. For the first decade after college I had many encounters with fellow f...
I always enjoy the uplifting messages that Chris Mamone shares, enjoy this one then stop by his blog and enjoy a few more. The difference between success in life is not measured by money or status but the growth and development of who you are and who you become.   The situations we participate in...
Essential of any Early Logging Camp, The Blacksmith Shop, Rhinelander Museum   Today we have the next segment in our Rhinelander Museum series.  The blacksmith shop was an essential component of any logging camp, with tools to be made and tools to be repaired.  Without these essential tools the ...
Some days it seems this rock is spinning far too quickly.It seems like just yesterday I was finishing off my week on a Sunday night, getting most of it done and putting a few things off until the next day.Those things got pushed aside as Monday moved in with its own set of priorities, and here I ...
Logging Sleigh Train at the Rhinelander Museum      At first glance a steam powered logging sleigh looks like a train going through the woods, until you notice that there are no wheels involved, and no tracks, just grooves in the ice.       Preparing for these large log haulers did involve more t...
Another great post Lou, focusing on a worthy project can do amazing things. When You’re Fired With Beliefs Impossibilities Vanish “Man is so made that whatever fires his soul makes impossibilities vanish.” Jean de la Fontaine 1621 – 1695, French Fabulist, Poet   As I see it . . . . . . . When you...
Peeping can get Dangerous, and is No Way to Rent a Home.   I had some people call me from Milwaukee exclaiming that they were ready to rent my rural home.   When I asked them if they would like to set an appointment to tour the home, her response was that she had already looked at the home, love...


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