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It's always good to take a step back and review how things are currently running.  Marketing strategies are some times things we just get used to doing, the same old, same old, which may not be as effective as they could be.  Here are some good strategies to review, thanks Barbara. “Risky” is a c...
Any Land News in Your Part of the Country? At Woodland Management Service we specialize in Inventory, Appraisal, and Management of Forestland properties and spend much of our time working with corporate landowners and investment groups who want to continually improve the many attributes of their...
I try to always inspire in my family and my employees the desire to continually improve themselves.  Thanks, Lou for putting together these very inspirational quotes. Excellence is the Result of Steady Personal Growth “Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.” Pat Riley, ...
Throwback Thursday, The Pretty One! Back in the early 80’s when I was in college I spent a fair amount of time working with a Catholic youth group called Teens Encounter Christ that put on weekend retreats for high school and college aged young people who were seeking to have fun while learning ...
Spring and Summer Danger, Oak Wilt can kill your most valuable trees!           Oak is one of the highest valued forests for reasons beyond the beauty it adds to Wisconsin woods.  Not only does it produce high-value lumber, which goes into fine furniture and trim, but it is an essential componen...
I cant imagine buying leads either Joe, it just seems like a good way to throw away a lot of money and time.                                                          “Explain it to Me, Please”   I am very fortunate to be working with many Realtors from all over the country. Many times we talk abo...
My 24-7 Online Library Yes I do have a lot of books, tapes, cd’s in my office but I am always wanting to read something more so I do spend a fair amount of time at the Library. I have library cards for libraries all around Wisconsin, as I do travel a lot, not only do I find great things to read ...
I think that you gave him very good advice Joe, many of mine start out as yours do. “How Do You Decide on Your Blogging Content?”   I got an email from a loan officer who is from Florida. We are connected on Linkedin and indicated he has been a regular reader of my blogs for over a year. He sent ...
Between your amazing photo and your poetic ode to a mushroom, we may all become fans of these schrooms too.Thanks Michael Thornton !       I have always been fascinated by mushrooms. Although a lot of my friends got into the Psilocybin mushroom or ‘shrooms as we used to call them, that was not my...
How Much Do You Save When You Do It Yourself?  (a Negative $492,600)    Unfortunately the people who need to make the most money from their forest are generally the first people to take a small shortcut that will damage their forest and their bank account.   Countless examples have proven to us ...

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