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I'm seeing more and more real estate available for less and less.  What was once selling for $500k is now selling for $200k and that made me think....  Has real estate hit bottom?  Is now the time to buy? What do you think Active Rain?  Is now the best time to buy?  Or should buyers wait a little...
Prices have dropped pretty low.  You can buy a house cheaper than in 2004 and that made me think, has the real estate market hit bottom? Maybe I'm too optomistic and maybe not.  I mean real estate can't go down to zero. So what do you think A/R?  Has real estate bottomed out, or will we all need ...
I see prices getting lower and then when I think they have gotten as low as they'll get, they get even lower.  I'm thinking to myself, there has to be a floor, right?  I mean, the price can't go down to zero, so there is a floor somewhere. But then I thought, why not ask A/R.  So what do you thin...
For a while there everywhere you turned there was another person who had a bulk REO contact and or someone representing a buyer of bulk REOs.  I'm not seeing as much of that lately.  Which brings me to my question... Has everyone closed on their $50 mil deals and now they are on vacation or was t...
Seeing another house today with a green pool and brown lawn made me think.  Are people still walking away? I wonder if we are far enough into the housing crisis to say that walking away is less popular these days. What do you think A/R?  Is the walk away a thing of the past?
I'm curious how many of the A/R crowd works from home and how many work from an office.  I see working from the office as a traditional way of working in the business world but maybe that is being replaced by the convenience of working from home. I'd guess that some people like working from the o...
The Bailout Bill passed the Senate already and today (maybe) the House votes on it.  Will it pass? What do you think A/R?  Will it be Bailout Friday or will today be a Congressional Failout?
Well, looks like we have a bailout bill and the House votes tomorrow, the Senate on Wednesday.  And now this has got me thinking.  Will this help the real estate business? Will this kickstart the loan programs so people start to buy houses again?  Will the bailout slow down the foreclosures?  Or ...
I was thinking that lately its been pretty tough to get mortgages done.  Which made me wonder.  Is it easier to get a mortgage loan done if you work for the bank directly?  Or do mortgage brokers still have an advantage in loan placement and funding? What do you think A/R?  Mortgage banker or mor...
Anyone else watching the Senate Banking Hearing with Paulson and Bernanke answering questions on their 'plan'? It's a Capitol Hill Classic!

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