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The leadership at Century 21 has now been replaced with Rick Davidson. Rick Davidson was formerly the President of Coldwell Banker commercial. He replaces Tom Kunz as CEO and President. A replacement for Craig Leonard, COO is being sought. With this latest move, Realogy now heads their three majo...
Because it makes good sense, not to mention great dollars and cents! Look at what someone spends when they buy a house above and beyond the commissions and closing costs. The movers are involved, tradesmen are engaged, the local landscaper and drycleaner get a boost and all of that money is spent...
How's that car of yours doing? Put off replacing it because business was slow and gas prices have dropped a hair? Well the government wants to give you a deal! The cash for clunkers program is a once in a lifetime proposition to replace what you are driving and get up to an additional $4500. To s...
Take a moment out of your very hectic life and watch this video Then ask how is your customer service? Why is GREAT customer service so important How can you improve on your own level of service and have some fun doing it!
Stew Leonard (President of the Chain with the same name) shared with the Century 21 Family some of his firm beliefs on customer service and just why customers are so vitally important to any business. If you ever doubt this, ask yourself where your business might be without any customers. Think a...
As we approach tax time, let's make sure that we have exhausted all potential tax deductions that the government affords you. Take a look at: If you have made purchases of assets (big or small) this past year.
To be successful in any business you must have a business plan, and our industry is no exception. There are four key areas I would challenge you to consider: 1. Vision  A forward looking written statement as to where you want to be. For example sit down at the kitchen table with your significant ...
If we all searched out and touched base with customers that we have sold homes to over the last 3 years just to make sure they are okay with their mortgage it would go a long way to settling some fears that exist in the country today. If we encounter families with some challenges perhaps with our...


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