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I love this business and coming up with creative ways to help achieve my client's goals.  Conflict resolution is a daily task that makes our jobs difficult and rewarding at the same time.  It takes a give and take by all parties to come to an agreement at times but the reward is that everyone ach...
One of the newest trends to hit our area are the homes for auction.  They've been listed for market value for some time but they are not moving.  So, we have a one time open house so that our clients can register to participate in the bid page submission.  Attractive prices, you bet.  Often times...
I love the creativity, options, and opportunities that social networking has to offer. Different avenues of connecting with friends,clients, and family have been such a blessing to my time and pocket book. Now is the time to build the value in a whole new way of my business plan. I'm excited abou...
As Thanksgiving approaches, I'm reflecting on the many thanks that God has blessed me with.  One area of thanksgiving is that I am surrounded by wonderful people who are working together to make the most of this up and down real estate market.  I have the wonderful opportunity to being surrounded...
I love it when I finish a day in real estate where I am able to accomplish what I have set out to do.  Not every day ends like this but when it does, it feels good.  I love to get responses back for my clients, finalize repair requests, and work on our common goal of closing a transaction.  Not e...
Interest rates creeping up, over bids not accepted, new inventory not attractive, and my buyer is getting worried.  Did she miss the boat on the lowest interest rates of all time and the banks not being so aggressive on their short sale approvals?  Is she going to want to start submitting shotgun...
Today was a good day.  The weather was great in North Orange County and my son had three soccer games scheduled in three different cities against three different teams.  In the morning, AC Brea played FC Manchester Untited at Olinda Park in Brea.  It was a very close game played fairly with Brea ...
Working with clients, I am frequently asked if buying a home in the last two months of the year is a good idea or not. With the business of life and the holidays frequent, that is a very good question. So, here are some pros and cons in my opinion: Pros: Lack of buyer competition. Many home buyer...
There are certain things that we discover are just an illusion as we grow up: Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Fountain of Youth are a few. However, much like Big Foot, one myth that persists well into adulthood, is the perfect credit score. Some swear they've seen it, others think it's impo...
Brea is my town! I have lived and worked in Brea for over15 years. I bought my first home in Brea, started a family and have been involved with youth sports here for the past 8 years.  Our family loves this city and have grown very close to our community of friends.  We love it! When I decided to...


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