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I have been active on activerain for no more than three weeks and have received TWO great referrals and have posted one that has generated a handful of good leads.  I am truly impressed with the overwhelming response and even more so by the general feeling of positivity!!  It is nice to network w...
I posted my first referral on Activerain today for a friend of mine who is moving to Naples, FL.  Within minutes, I had 5 responses and within 6 hours I received over twenty five!!  I am excited not only with the idea of introducing my friend to a skilled professional, but also networking with so...
Who is running out to buy the new iPhone?  Who has one now?  Who will never buy Apple?
I have been very used to seeing deals at 60 -70 cents on the dollar in Panama City Beach.  These are not really around every day like it seems as I believe you have to try and get to today's market value before you can substaniate a deal.  However, I am previewing a foreclosure this morning for a...
This was reported on  GREAT PRICES and a NEW AIRPORT are giving us some NATIONAL ATTENTION! Credit-crunch-squeezed homeowners and investors are unloading second homes en masse, offering up desirable vacation properties at some pretty steep discounts. "When the market is down and t...
I wish I had 20 of these to sell!  We recently put a deal together at the Calypso Resort and Towers (right next door to the $200 Million Pier Park) for a unit where the Seller accepted a contract at 20% off of TODAY'S MARKET VALUE.  In a time where there are so many "motivated sellers" of differe...
We had a great Memorial Day weekend in PCB with fantastic weather!  It seems like more and more of our Buyers are coming off of the sidelines with such great deals on gulf-front condos...especially around the new Pier Park!
Thanks for everyone's warm welcome so far.  Panama City Beach is set for a big Memorial Day Weekend with a gulf-front, $200 Million dining, entertainment, shopping complex opening this weekend.  I may miss a few days of this as I played some music at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge (same as Nashville ven...
Did you know that you could invest in real estate with your IRA?  There are certain scenarios that are perfect for this invesment vehicle.
Tootsie's is open at Pier Park, the airport is ahead of schedule and I have another one closing on Tuesday.  Life is good, I think I'll be playing my sax tonight at Pier Park and golf this weekend...

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