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What's the Nehemiah program, you might ask?  The Nehemiah program is the nation's largest privately funded down-payment assistance program, helping thousands of people achieve their dream of home ownership. The Nehemiah program offers gift funds to any qualified home buyer, not just first time ho...
 I recently had a situation where I had shown a buyer an REO (bank repo) home that I have a listing on.  Needless to say this buyer was down right rude.   I had received a call from a perspective buyer who was interested in an REO listing I had.  I spoke to him on the phone about his interest in ...
 I'm just writing a quick note to announce my REO listing.  Its a nice home on one acre of land.  Over 2700 sq feet of home.  4 bedroom, 3 bath, decks and pool.  Private balcony off master bedroom, master bedroom is the whole second floor.  Lots of storage, great neighborhood.  Large rooms, open ...
                                                                           It's in the news.....I've heard so much on the news and the news paper about the speculations of the Real Estate Market.  I personally believe that the news being broadcast on t.v., in the paper, radio, etc.  is what is dr...
Just recently I listed a home for my client,  and to my surprise it went into pending after being on the market for less than a week.  Gone in a flash.  In this tough market today, as others call it the house went into pending status no sooner than it had been listed.  I was planning my marketing...
I've lived in Auburn California almost all my life.  At least for the biggest part of it.  I have to say that I love it here, I have watched the town grow and evolve into what it is now.  I feel I have the best of both worlds with Sacramento only 30 minutes drive from my home town, Reno Nevada an...
De-clutter. Get rid of the clutter you have around the house.   Look around your home.  See things like nick knacks, piles of news papers, to many things stacked in one place.  Pack up everything you don't need and store it in boxes.  Take it out and put it into storage or a store it at a friends...
 How many times have you heard or read the statement from someone stating that their business is based on honesty and integrity?  Probably almost every business ad you read.  Whether personal or business you should be honest and have integrity anyway?  Why do you have to spell it out to your read...
I was sitting watching t.v. today and happened to notice all the commercials for Real Estate companies.  I watched each one with interest, not that it was anything spectacular or out of the ordinary.  Just curious as to what they had to say, myself being a Realtor belonging to a company that does...
  Your Auburn area home market information for  February 13, 2007.  Currently in our housing market there are 227 homes listed and 19 pending sale.  This is strictly for the Auburn, North and South Auburn area.  This does not cover all of Placer County, only Auburn. These homes range in price fro...

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