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Home staging for vacant and occupied homes in New Jersey... Providing assistance to Estate Holders to help prepare their loved ones homes sell fast and for more money.
Furniture Placement Harmonizing Homes a redesign and staging company serving New York City and New Jersey talks about common mistakes in furniture placement.  If you are placing furniture for staging or redesign, it is not necessary to place all of the pieces around the walls, thinking it will ma...
While you may feel your pet is part of the family, someone looking to buy your home may not feel the same way.   Home buyers are looking for a emotional connection points to your home ......this will not happen when the home is run by dogs! How many do you see in this picture?? What happens or ho...
I have blogged on the importance of staging your yard as a first impression.  The second most important staging area is the entryway....this is the welcoming mat of your home...   As a prospective home buyer walks into your entrance the must be impressed immediately...this will set the unconsciou...
There are many people that are cutting square footage these days for various reasons.    There are the empty nesters....who have decided that they do not need nor want the big house any longer and those affected by the economy.  Really it is the in thing to do these days...  WHAT TO KEEP AND WHAT...
A sponsored held Pre-war co-op apartment on the Upper West Side  in NYC had some difficulties selling an unfurnished apartments for some of the following reasons: People don't buy properties they buy homes, they can not identify to empty spaces People have a hard time visualizing furniture in the...
Many times Real Estate Agents have to tell the buyers that the avocado paint has to go.........Why???because the average buyer has no foresight to what the room would look like in a natural color.   Many sellers argue and resist the changes that need to be done.  Home Staging is the most importan...
I thought that this was great information on photo taking... So, you finally got those perfect shots and the apartment or house looks amazing on your computer. You go to print it just to find that once transfered onto paper, the image lost it's luster. Here are is some helpful information for a f...
Here from Home Stager and Head Designer of Harmonize Homes, LLC, are 10 common mistakes sellers make when preparing their house for sale. 1: Just because you love it does not mean everyone else will. Ensure your property appeals to the broadest buying public, which means neutralize. 2: Closets an...
Harmony's Habitat - Down Sizing Post war baby boomers.... there are 76 thousand of us in the United States born between the years of 1946 - 1964 according to AARP statistics.  So you may be asking why I'm talking about this... Well, there will be many of you that may be entertaining the thought o...
  Most of the New Yorker City Dwellers that I know all share the same issues..we live in small cramped spaces.... I would like to talk about some tricks that you can do to make your living space appear larger than it really is..... Molding creates the illusion of more volume if it's placed vertic...

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