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We have been working on getting one ready for the market which has access to 3 boating/swim easements on Oswego Lake. If you don’t know how valuable and coveted that is, then please call us and we can talk to you about Oswego Lake and the restrictions to be on it.  Basically, you need to live in ...
  SOLD   Congratulations Cooper Jacobs Real Estate   Check out this fantastic opportunity to build a gigantic dream home or sub divide the half acre lot and build a couple homes. Well bought at $600,000   This daylight ranch home in Lake Oswego is on great real estate that has million dollar hom...
Filling Up With FUEL New Jersey and Oregon do not allow people to pump their own gas. These states will ticket people that break the law and I have heard that fines can be $1,000. I suppose you should just relax and let the professionals do it. Back in 1951 the law was passed restricting people f...
The Market Report for Portland, Oregon   Total Listed: 455 units Total SOLD: 241 Homes FOR SALE in Portland    Portland's outdoor attractions and Autumnal beauty abounds in this Pacific Northwest city. Portland covers 145.1 square miles and the population is right around 609,456 people.   Real Es...
  Lake Oswego Real Estate is consistent and well loved by buyers for good reason. The schools are nationally accredited and the art scene here is fun and famous.  Lake Oswego Art & Culture     The real estate here is also highly recognized and   Lake Oswego houses FOR SALE are great investments! ...
West Linn is a healthy climate for real estate sales in Oregon. It has wonderful neighborhoods and shares a border with Lake Oswego.   Current Listings for WEST LINN HOMES FOR SALE   October 2014 Summary of houses SOLD    Max. SOLD price is $3,200,000   In the last 72 months 2,419 out of the 4,72...
Look at the neat and welcoming entrance to one of several retail sections...     Never mind today's Oregon cloud cover. All one needs to do is drive around the manicured city streets and you'll notice a difference from some of the other areas in Beaverton.  Houses in Beaverton come in a wide vari...
  Portland, Oregon people like to get away from the river and out to the rolling hills of Beaverton. The Murray Hill area is certainly one of the nicer sections around PDX suburbs and the    MURRAYHILL RECREATION CENTER    is one of many reasons.   The community has accolades of being one of the ...
Portland Haunted Houses   This is the time of year that folks start to pull out the holiday bins of decorations down from the rafters.    My children would not let me sleep right until I carried all the stuff to the edge of our garage. We lifted the lids off bins as if they were sealed tombs and ...
TOTALLY copied from someone's great holiday list and too ghoul (good) to pass up!    Where do fashionable ghosts shop for sheets? [This one is so bad that it's actually quite good!] Bootiques. What do you call someone who puts poison in a person's corn flakes? A cereal killer. What do you get whe...

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