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Mortgage and Lending - Residential Home Loans - NMLS/CA-DBO #1117018
  July 17th, 2008 Capital One now doing commercial real estate lending? Yep, they now are! Capital One acquired the Long Island-based commercial bank North Fork Bancorp in 2006 for more than $13 billion, providing it with a built-in retail presence in the Northeast. The deal followed on the heels...
7 Realities of Commercial Lending   1)      Nothing is set in stone! Although commercial loans are based on the statistical mathematical equations that deal with whether or not the client will be able to consistently make his mortgage payment. It is also based on how the lender feels about the pr...
With all this news of bank closures such as Indybank and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have huge losses we can easily give into fear and say the sky is falling.   This is just a normal cycle that we see every decade even with the crazy sub prime market, there has always been ups and downs. We cannot...
LIVE TRAINING: COMMERCIAL MORTGAGE FINANCE NEXT LIVE TWO-DAY TRAINING CLASS IN SACRAMENTO Presented by CommercialTrainers.com & Taught by Mickey O'Brien - the Battle tested Veteran and  Experienced Commercial Trainer Learn how you too can earn serious cash in commercial lending and know what the ...
What A Commercial Loan Officer Needs To Know • Make sure you identify and confirm the lenders loan process • Do not talk like your a residential loan officer, learn the commercial vocabulary and way of speaking so you look, sound and act like a profession. Clients and lenders can easily spot a po...
Welcome to the CommercialTrainers.com Business Library. The CommercialTrainers Business Library gives you access to advice and training from the experts that will give you ideas on Marketing your business, Selling your commercial loan products and services, growing your business and personal gro...

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