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Just read an interesting blog entry about sellers keeping possession of a house for 30 days after closing, and then not moving out. since there was no lease in place they had to be evicted which took several months. Ouch! We debate the "possession after closing" quite a bit in Colorado, because i...
To our brothers and sisters in California. Please know that our thoughts and best wishes are with you. The fear, frustation, and sense of helplessness is something we can all only imagine. It may not help much, but please know that thousands of us here in Colorado are sending good thoughts your way.
I spent the weekend in Breckenridge, CO where my 16 year old son was involved in a karate boot camp, up for almost 48 hours straight, and learned tons about bravery, how strong he can be be, and commitment. He's now a high brown belt, so he can legally beat the rap out of me, and I'm extremely pr...
I just read another blog entry about "value range marketing", an idea that's been tried by some real estate companies in the past to try to create more interest in their listings. The general concept is that a property listed in a price range of $375,000 to $400,000 will be seen by more people, a...
Let's try to make sense of some local real estate statistics. If you work in the Boulder County, CO area, please try to explain this to me.First of all, everybody knows that as the surrounding towns' markets rise and fall, Boulder stays pretty steady, because it's surrounded by open space so over...
Wow! What a weekend to be a Colorado sports fan! As unbelievable as it was to watch CU upset Oklahoma, it was a true joy to watch Todd Helton of the Rockies do the "Whoopie" dance across the infield after yesterday's win. After laboring on poor teams for so many years and never complaining, he lo...
I saw the report today about new homes sales being at their lowest rate in 7 years. Bad news for the economy, yeah, but what if you want to buy a new house? There are unbelievable deals to be had out there, especially on what's called "standing inventory". In other words, houses that have been bu...
I'm kind of a news junkie - I usually read all the news magazines every month, and dig around on the internet  looking for the story behind the story. I also spend a lot of time every day talking with real estate agents around the country. There seems to be a collective paranoia that has gripped ...


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