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After 23 years of being a REALTOR®, I learned something so IMPORTANT, I need to share.  I knew about capital gains, that a couple is exempt from the first $500,000 gains and the single person has the first $250,000.  And I knew the gains were based on the initial purchase and costs subtracted fro...
Experienced real estate agents will tell you that the key formula to a speedy sale is the right listing price and a model appearance in the home. This “model look” can be achieved with home staging services.Studies have shown that buyers are more intrigued to make an offer on turnkey properties, ...
Why is this so hard to share?  I have read many of our amazing member's stories.  Mine isn't anything new, just more of the same.  But I hope to inspire just one person with my story.  It starts 6 years ago or so.  ANGEL TREE:Prison is FULL of good people who made a single or a series of bad deci...
Do you have a strategy for remembering names?  Sometimes I can kick myself for not coming out with a name I should not have to think about to say.  Have you ever not introduced your spouse/friends/clients to someone because you can't remember their name? HELP- Tell me your method for remembering ...
Ask any sewer repair company and they will agree that grease is a major cause of clogged pipes. Think about it, grease is liquid when hot but when it cools it congeals.  It does that in the pipes too (and inside your pipes too but that is a whole other blog).  You are best to let the grease cool ...
I don't blog often but when I do you know something caught my craw, or I had a huge "AHA" moment to share.  This little gem was priceless to me so I thought I'd share. Want to put an end the retail stores needing your email address to do business?  This will work for gmail accounts.  Give them an...
Home Shopping with a Virtual Agent What?? Shopping with a virtual agent?  You mean the agent isn't there with the buyers?  You mean the agent is on Face Time or Skype or Tango or...?  How can that be? These were my initial reactions as I read about a business model a company has developed and imp...
I worked in relocation for 7 years with a company that was in the top 3 largest relo companies.  They represented several major oil companies, one that relocated hundreds of employees from Houston, TX.  Those employees were told before they arrived that there was only one place that would be a "l...
Recently Chuck Tanner wrote a blog post regarding his frustration with working with family and friends.  He has sworn them off, having learned a lesson after trying to help out his family member.     He says, "Never again," and I say "All day long I'll help them".  When my friends have voiced the...
When Feedback goes Public, clients can be damaged.  Realtors show each others listings and provide feedback to the listing agent every day.  Some agents will allow their sellers to see the exact feedback, word for word, while others will clean it up before presenting it so it is a bit easier for ...

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