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Los Angeles, California Reverse Mortgage Loan Officer takes exception to CNN's unhelpful Help Desk segment                                                                                            Just before I went on vacation, I watched a segment from CNN's Help Desk. They had a certified fin...
Last night I joined a Religious Cult and left My Husband! At least, that's what he told me this morning.  I attribute this, his latest in a series of wild dreams to two things.  First, he's overtired from all the long hours he's been putting in at work.  Secondly, he's been thinking I'm getting a...
Double Pop ... Don't leave money on the table! One of the most fun things a realtor will ever do is double pop a client!  Isn't it fun to sell their old place and then help them buy their next home?  We live for those transactions, don't we? Here's a thought on how you can find more of these tran...
A friend of mine just sent me a red alert from the Torrance Police Department on a new senior scam.  Suspects are targeting seniors claiming a fender bender took place when nothing had actually happened.  They even have a damaged Toyota Matrix 4-door Hatchback to show the senior and claim they we...
Someone asked me about my experiences with seniors recently.  She wanted to know how I knew any given senior actually had the mental capacity to execute a Reverse Mortgage. I didn't have to think too long about the time I was called to a senior's residence by a caretaker who wanted me to come out...
A Los Angeles based Reverse Mortgage Loan Officer and Mom visit the Doctor's office Not so long ago I took my mother to her primary care physician for a check up.  We were scheduling a follow up appointment and I remarked to the nurse that we couldn't make an appointment before 11 am since it's t...
  Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting with Rick. He has a critical eye for what's going on in the financial industry right now. I wanted to repost this for all of my friends in the real estate and financial industries for their clients.     Have you lost a  real estate sale because your buye...
Reverse Mortgage for Purchase, a Loan Officer covering Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, and Ventura Counties Explains If you live in Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside or Ventura county and are 61 years of age talk to me about improving your retirement lifestyle with a Reverse Mortgage for Purc...
Reverse Mortgages Redondo Beach, CA Have you been considering a reverse mortgage in Redondo Beach? Some Loan Officers and Bankers will tell you to "just go do a Home Equity Line of Credit" instead of getting a Reverse Mortgage.  Is that really a good strategy for someone on a fixed income? Person...

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