Looking for hard money local COLORADO lender who can help me with this cash out refinance. The Loan To Value on the first position which you will have is around $55KCash out amount is $150,000 - This is for debt consolidation Loan Amount is $300,000FICO score is around 515 and 541Business is most...
I need an appraisal on a restaurant in Denver, that is Multi- Purpose with a 3 bedroom apartment above.Can someone please contact me.  Local appraisers pleaseThanks Brian
Can anyone please contact me regarding hard money lenders in the State of Colorado? I have a full package, however do not have any solid contacts for hard money ThanksBrianFusion Financial3401 Quebec St #10000Denver, CO 80207303 810
We all can agree that we are in a downturn here, and even though the business is still out there, we all are adapting to the changes in our own way to stay ahead of the curve.Part of my daily regimen is to recruit new loan officers into the business to work at my firm.I offer the following1. Real...
Last week, President Bush said there will measures taken to help people in adjustable rate mortgages with government intervention, and Fed Chairman Bernanke stated the Fed is ready to move.What does this mean?It will have a direct relation on FHA financing in my opinion with a few things being mo...
 If you are in a situation where you owe more then the property is worth, and you rate is jumping exponentially , and your income is staying the same......what can you do?No lenders that I have seen as of yet, are announcing any new product that will address this very looming crisis. The handful ...
If so, they are on a targeted list of people that your good old credit bureau is using to sell that credit report to another hungry loan officer. I have heard countless complaints individuals where this is happening as soon as you run credit. Loan officers will call your client and tell them they...
Consumer confidence took its biggest hit today in two years due to the looming crisis in the financial markets. This caused the 10year bond to rally (which is tied directly to mortgage interest rates), and will put increased pressure on Fed Chairman Bernanke to lower interest rates on September 1...
It seems in this transitionary time in the market, countless loan officers are leaving the business because of the slowing times. I have been challenged in my firm to find the talent out there, which I do know exists. From Hotjobs to Craigslist to Granted, I have had interviews, howe...
With all of the focus on the subprime meltdown, countless brokerage firms are going out of business, and looking for new lines of work. Many opnions are strong in that fannie and freddie, combined with FHA, will be the only business out there in a shrinking mortgage market. The secondary market i...

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