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QUESTION:  I think my house is worth a lot more than my agent's suggested listing price.  What do I do?ANSWER:  Listen to your agent!  And here are some of the reasons you should heed his advice.  First of all, he is experienced and successful or else you wouldn't be using him. Secondly, you are ...
...and not the furry creatures, but an expresion of frustration.  It is obvious that I would rather be out showing property than cooped up in the office at the computer, so it is especially vexing when I do finally post to have it not show up.  Since my last several blogs didn't "take", including...
As we approach the winter solstice, may friends and family keep you warm until spring arrives again.
Before I got side tracked with the coming of winter, I promised to share a method of choosing a home that I observed one family using.The family group consisted of a mother, a father, a young adult and an older teenager who were moving here from out of the area.  It was obvious that the parents k...
I returned home from a week out of town yesterday and this morning standing at my kitchen window asked myself why my flowering plum tree had no leaves...duh... in three days it will be November.  Trees are supposed to be naked this time of year.So for those of you who have also been caught unawar...
I am having a terrible time with posting...obviously I would rather be out in the field showing property than sitting inside at the computer.However, by showing tons of property for the last couple of days to a husband and wife who are now thoroughly confused and can't remember which is what, I h...
There are a string of reasons why it is better to not go it alone when selling your home, but to keep it short and sweet, I am going to focus on just one of them for today and that is EMOTIONS.  If you have lived in your home for a long time you have built up many precious memories:  the tree you...
This blog site will be about a variety of topics ranging from what is happening in our community to how to show your home to its best advantage, to mortgages, to repairs and anything else I think might be of interest to you, the reader. ..or me, the writer.   Being an educator at heart, I welcome...

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