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This area is here to help me connect with people interested in the Nashville real estate market whether you are a Realtor, Investor, First-Time Home Buyer or just someone looking to Relocate I am here to help.
Google Analytics has a new option for adding statistics to your site and I have it working on my Active Rain account. When you are on the final page, or you are editing your analytics in case you have already tried it out. There is a tab at the top of the "code" section that says New Tracking Co...
I may be obsessive but where are my statistics? I tried installing analytics into my AR BLOG and it just doesn't work, if anyone has gotten it to successfully work please let me know. I am obsessed with my analytics and I use them to determine where my time and money is best spent. I spent the l...
Everyone these days are talking about Going Green, which I am completely supportive of, there are even classes in my market center about Green Living and Green Building. I subscribe to Green Living Magazine. I went to a Rain Barrel workshop and support local CSAs and on and on and on. So we are ...
I have witnessed sheer panic the last two days in the market center where my office is located. The network went down and there is hair all over the floor. The "tech guy" in the office just left, I don't know if he will ever come back. The technician from the hosting provider just peeled out of ...
For the first time in four years I am sharing an office space. I recently moved my license to a Keller Williams office closer to home, so also had to move my office. Which is not the first time nor have I had an office with KW for four years. I moved to a smaller branch and I like it alot over h...
O.K. Everyone's website has the big three: CMA, MLS, Contact Information. Ok so the Big Two and a call to action and some way for them to contact you. Since everybody has that and most people have neighborhood information, schools, local contact numbers, and pretty much everything you have in yo...
I just wanted to put a call out to any Mensan Realtors who may be about. Speak up be heard. I would love to chat. I am the Local Member Coordinator for the Middle Tennessee Chapter, and would like to hear from other Mensan Realtors who may be about and how their careers and lives have been impac...
I just had to post about this, I think I must be either the worst or the top 100,000 businessman in the world. I have had two client interviews today for my technology company. One of them was a fellow Realtor and another was just a guy wanting to be a millionaire doing something he loved. So I ...
Do you use your scripts? Do you have any? What about all of the training your company provides do you use that> For my part I want to use the scripts but have not spent enough time role-playing or practicing them for them to naturally flow from my brain and not sound Scripted, which is by far th...
I don't know about you but after that venti six-shot white chocolate mocha made with soy, you know the $8 cup, of coffee I get in the morning while I am lead generating in my local coffee house just has me pinging off the walls. I feel like I have more energy than the sun and am burning twice as...

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