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I just had to post about this, I think I must be either the worst or the top 100,000 businessman in the world. I have had two client interviews today for my technology company. One of them was a fellow Realtor and another was just a guy wanting to be a millionaire doing something he loved. So I ...
Do you use your scripts? Do you have any? What about all of the training your company provides do you use that> For my part I want to use the scripts but have not spent enough time role-playing or practicing them for them to naturally flow from my brain and not sound Scripted, which is by far th...
I don't know about you but after that venti six-shot white chocolate mocha made with soy, you know the $8 cup, of coffee I get in the morning while I am lead generating in my local coffee house just has me pinging off the walls. I feel like I have more energy than the sun and am burning twice as...
Social Networking it is what you do every day, it is what you do offline and online. Social Networking is not a new thing but it is a new buzz word around the net. So what should we think about it? I am mentally preparing to teach a class on networking via the internet and what sites you should ...
I had the most wonderful adventure yesterday. I had the opportunity to show 37 houses to a lone couple and I had a blast doing it. It always makes my job better when I have a fun couple to show listings to. Fortunately for us most of the homes were within the same new construction subdivisions. ...
What do you use for a Home Buyer's Book? Feel like sharing? My wife and I have been reworking our book this past week and have found that we actually have several "Packets" we use. We have one for out-of-state/way out-of-town buyers, one for buyers with children, one for buyers without children,...
There is a great sense of pride in home ownership and getting the keys to your first home, or second, or third. That is not the kind of "Pride" that I want to talk about today. I have a client that has asked for my help in selling their home before Jan 9th. Why so soon you ask, because their hou...

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