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Jean was running about 45 minutes late. Kelly was Jean’s client, so Kelly needed to stay put, and smile cheerfully when Jean showed up, apologizing. “Oh, it’s not big deal, it gave me a chance to catch up on email a bit.” Got to keep the client happy. Besides, Jean is usually cutting it close. Ho...
No, this is not carte blanche to avoid your Spring Cleaning, folks. Just a few tips from your friendly EMS Provider.....enjoy!   1. Do not rush because you are tired or in a hurry. This is really the most basic spring cleaning safety tip, and all the other ones, at least to a certain degree, stem...
RICHLAND,  WA– A Richland family is speaking out exclusively to KEPR Action News, after their son suddenly collapsed at Richland high school and was saved by a portable defibrillator. Jeremy Brewer doesn’t remember much about the day he collapsed — only that it started out just like any other. “W...
Last week, there was a Teacher Work Day in our county. As the boys were home, Dad’s work plate was somewhat limited, so we all went out to lunch. Boys choice: Red Robin (say it with me: Reeeeeeeeed Robin, Yummmmmm). Ok, I digress. When I entered Red Robin in Ashburn, Virginia at 1pm, I was caught...
“Are you ready?” This was the question that was asked more and more frequently before I was about to become a parent for the first time, now more than 10 years ago. I never really knew what the true basis of that question meant. Ready for no more sleep? Ready for diapers? Ready for no more hot me...
I was at a networking event last week, and a thought struck my mind that I haven't been able to shake. First, we all know that it is common practice and common thought that "more networking" is "good". We can get into all of the reasons at another time, but we know that, "the more people who know...
This time of year, we hear a lot about New Years Resolutions. In truth, and this will come as little surprise, the average resolution lasts about two weeks. For some, about 2 hours. New Years Resolutions are, of course, all about committing to doing something differently, usually for the greater ...
As our local news stations so diligently got the public riled up over yet another possible snow storm, my thoughts turned to the lines of people mobbing the grocery stores to "stock up" on ridiculous amounts of meat, eggs, milk, toilet paper, chips, beer and soda. All of the bare necessities. It'...
I just ordered my replacement business cards. I use an online provider, but there are a lot of places online and in town that will give you competitive pricing. I ordered 250 basic (but nice) business cards. No advertising on the back, and I'll get them in a week or two. It cost me $20, and will ...
Nothing will destroy the morale in your business faster than the “Blamer”. You know this guy, right? When something goes wrong, their first instinct is to blame others. Pointing fingers. Shifting the focus away from themselves, and accentuating the fact that THEY were not responsible for the erro...


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We are a company dedicated to training in a different way. What do you need to learn? We also provide a variety of service from Mobile Notary to Presentation Skills. We also teach CPR and First Aid classes, both as an office event, as well as sponsored client events. Learn something new every day. What will you learn?