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Real Estate Agent - Keller Williams Realty
You have been more than ready to invest in Real Estate, you have researched the market/area and also created the financial means to do it. So now what??? There are several ways to invest in real estate and you have to be sure you want to do it in such a way that it will provide you with a good re...
Why would you engage into this type of deal? Well... if your credit is not so hot and needs a bit of work but you are tired of renting and your hard earned money going  no where... then maybe  it's a good idea. It's not a free lunch and often requires not only an upfront money or deposit from you...
I had this conversation a while ago.Prospect. "I would like you to sell my house but when i bought it nobody told me that i needed a home inspection and there is mold in the basement"Me "Really? Why you did not do a home inspection? "Prospect "I it was for sale by owner, i don't think i need an a...
Do you have what it takes to be a landlord? People often call and ask about investment properties, they want to purchase a cheap house and rent it. Most people will have a very romantic view of rental property, they think they are just going to buy the house, put a sign outside and in a couple ho...

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