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As the glut of foreclosures recedes, many "normal" sellers are hoping to cash in on the absence of distressed, low priced properties. With the current dearth of REO competition, a new mindset is emerging like the tips of crocuses poking through the melting snow of spring. Some sellers, optimism b...
As the economy has changed, more and more agents are looking around for something to save their business. The volume of ranting is increasing and the level of despair is palatable. And the irony is this: it's normally markets such as this that drive those losing jobs in other professions to take ...
AS OF THIS MORNING (04/07/2010), RENTERS CAN NOW SEARCH FOR RENTALS ON TRULIA.COM. In a much anticipated move, Trulia.com launched their new rental platform designed to provide renters with a single, comprehensive source to locate rental properties. Until now, there has not been a single source f...
Seems that everyone is publishing their TOP 10 TIPS for a better business in 2010. They all seem to center around business plans, written goals, positive thinking in a negative market ... and the like. If you are like me and been around any length of time, you've seen many business plans and prob...
It's a scenario as old as dirt: You get an email from prospective client wanting to see a property. You can feel the adrenaline rush as visions of closing checks dance in your head. You quickly set up an appointment, head across town, show the home and then set up another appointment to show them...

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