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Designations abound. Everywhere we turn in the real estate biz there is another course, another designation, another 2 days and four or five hundred bucks to be “certified.” (I have to admit, I love that word) To be honest, I never took much of this certification very seriously – it seemed that y...
The best description of what real estate agents do is that we are the “source of the source.” We advocate our buyer or our seller, you bet – and we do that with information, guidance, counsel, being there, meeting them, meeting the whole family – meeting the Uncle in from Albuquerque who’s coming...
2009 was an erratic year in the REO business. Brokers that were used to large inventories were suddenly picking up their signs and not moving them to new listings. Most of them were geared up for a regular flow of new assignments and found themselves unable to load their pipeline. Most watched th...
If I am a closer or support to a closer it is probably a good idea to step on up and take a quick overview of the new GFE-HUD before it is mandatory. Instead of working off rumors or little bits and pieces of information it might just be a good idea to get a feel for how this new system works. Wo...
Of all the changes that have found their way to the new GFE HUD the single most important is to take the word “estimate” off the table as a shield for a systemic “bait & switch.” The old way of cajoling the buyer to agree to move forward because of a low ball “estimate” are over. And it was “cajo...
Bottom line on the GFE-HUD is that there were simply too many holes in the old system of disclosure. Those holes got filled with all kinds of interpretations and gray area shananaghans. LO’s and their bosses were riding the deal all the way to the end and if they saw an opportunity to yank a litt...
This time of the year we all start reflecting where we have been and start to peek around the corner to see if we can see what might be ahead in the coming months. The way I see 2009 was the year of "fasten your seatbelt, there is turbulence ahead." 2010 has the promise of being the year of "The ...
Coming into the summer there was talk among some of the real estate Gurus that the next few months were hands down one of the best times to buy a house in - well - probably the history of mankind. Then again when you talk to these guys it is always the best time to buy a house is - well - the his...


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