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Vancouver WA Real Estate and Home Ownership information and news. Homes for Sale in Vancouver WA, Luxury Home Brokers. Condo Broker, Relocation to and from Vancouver Washington and Camas WA. Clark County Economic information.
Unit Sales Jumped Up while Prices Popped for a New High for Vancouver WA Condos in July 2020. With the nicer weather this time of year, condo buyers and sellers have created their own action in this market segment. We are now seeing good movement in all segments, even the luxury segment for cond...
Closed Sales Inched Higher while Sales Prices Eased Slightly for Camas WA in July 2020 Another strong mark for Closed sales, slightly higher than last month; with Pending Sales and New Listings holding steady at a relatively high level. Here are the key points for this month: The Short-Term Aver...
Unit-Sales Ease Slightly With Prices Continuing Their UpTrend for Battle Ground WA in July 2020 The very strong showing two months ago was not quite repeated for Pending Sales; although New Listings and Pending Sales rose even higher than previously. Prices continued in a positive direction but ...
Unit Sales Rebound Strongly, Sales Price Moving Up Stronger than ever for Vancouver WA in July 2020. Home sales in Vancouver WA moved out of their doldrums we've seen in the past two months; although part of this is an adjustment to the un-natural shock to the Economy. Prices hit another all-tim...
Unit Sales Continue to Lag with Prices Firming-Up for Vancouver WA Condos in June 2020. Vancouver and Clark County has been stuck in "Phase 2" of "re-opening" of Businesses and loosening of the Quarantine rules. This has affected Condo sales more severely than the effect on the overall real esta...
Closed and Pending Unit Home Sales Make a Strong Upward Move With Sales Prices Returning to a Positive Mode for Camas WA in June 2020 Last month's strong Pending Sales resulted in a strong posting for Closed sales this month; with Pending Sales looking good this month as well. New Listings are l...
Unit-Sales Jump-Up Strongly With Prices Reversing a Mini-Down-Trend for Battle Ground WA in June 2020 Last month's strong showing for Pending Sales resulted in jump-up in Closed Sales this month. Prices moved back up but only slightly. Here are the key points for this month's report: The 3-Month...
12% Lower Number of Properties Sold; While Sales Price Moves Up almost 6% for Vancouver WA in June 2020. Vancouver WA Real Estate sales are still adjusting to the shock of the Economy being significantly shut-down. With Active Inventory at such an extremely low level, Prices resumed their upward...
*** The original posting of this report was (temporarily?) "Lost" due to a Cloud-Outage; and has been re posted here, and will be removed if the original is restored ***Unit Home Sales Show a Modest Rebound While Closed Sales Prices Retreat for Camas WA in May 2020 A bit of an up-tick took place ...
*** The original posting of this report was (temporarily?) "Lost" due to a Cloud-Outage; and has been reposted here, and will be removed if the original is restored ***Continued Fall in Unit Sales and Prices for Vancouver WA Condos in May 2020. With the Slow Re-opening of the Washington State eco...


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