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There is so much confusion in the media about the Foreclosure Market in California.  Every other headline is a complete contradiction of the last one.  It is time we all start reading beyond the headlines and look at the numbers if we are going to survive the next 48-60 months of this different m...
CA REO's UP 51% in 1 Month Anyone that thought the REO market had come to a halt in California got their minds slappedhard yesterday when the January foreclosure numbers were released. Recent releases of Robo Sigining and Holiday Moratoriums have been lifted and the flood gates have once again be...
In the last three days my BPO orders have more than doubled.  Contrary to the media coverage of REALTYtrac's latest numbers lenders are going full speed ahead in 2011 with foreclosures.   If you think the first two shadow inventories were bad wait for this next round to hit.   Today I have been a...
Does anyone out there think that the mid term elections could have had anything to do with the timing of this whole Foreclosure Freeze mess? Politician's who say "I want your vote and I can save your house" are now beginning to rally around that flag pole once again. Attention REALTORS do not be ...
While I was posting a blog this morning on Active Rain I mentioned BSOS..Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. It is a crippling disease that strikes REALTORS when least expected. There you sit in your office wanting to do something productive like prospecting and along comes a Tweet, Email, Text , Face ...
LA County Foreclosure Agent REO Workshops REO is a very complicated and unusual field.  Representing 30-40% of all closed sales so far this year with no end in sight.  It is estimated that there is over 40 months of backed up shadow inventory waiting in the wings. Over 500,000 loan modifications ...
NEW CALIFORNIA RESIDENTIAL PURCHASE AGREEMENT Effective 4-28-2010 the California Association of REALTORS will release the first revision to the RPA in many years.  We are offering several workshops to review the new contract from both the CAR legal standpoint but more importantly from the listing...
HAFA Foreclosure Alternative...Maybe? Maybe Not I recently attended NAR and REBAC's SFR Designation Course to learn more about Short Sales and Foreclosures which was what they advertised in their flier for the course through a local Association of REALTORS.  While the instructor was very well ver...

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