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Spring home sales are in the air. NO SLOW MARKET IN REAL ESTATE FOR US! This year, 2012, has been a fast-paced hit-the-ground-running year. Right out of the shoot we pended 6 homes in January, February with 15 and March 13 homes – the count is still running in April. What’s everyone complaining a...
Welcome to my world of design! This property is a 2084 square foot home in South Minneapolis. In this video, I create visual impact for a potential buyer in under a minute! Showhomes Minneapolis transforms the living room, creating visual impact for a potential buyer in under 1 minute! This prope...
February is the LOVE month, so with that being said, lets talk about designing with red, romance and something sweet. For holidays and various occasions, I love designing my rooms festively with roses. After all, aren’t roses one of a girl’s best friends? Let’s start with the master bedroom and b...
November is the month that reminds us to be thankful. It's alarming that I often busy myself with more things than there are minutes in a day and sometimes it's easy to take thankfulness for granted. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it's a time to slow down and express grateful...
I'm sharing my recipe for my Famous Spring Rolls! Showhomes Minneapolis is about designing for ALL the senses, that certainly includes TASTE! This video is set in a home designed by Cindy Montgomery with Showhomes Minneapolis. I love to share my recipes and show off beautiful homes on the market ...
Last month we (Showhomes Minneapolis and Cindy Montgomery) were featured on the DIY Network's "Rehab Addict." Since then, I received many questions via email, private facebook messages and phone calls about the furnishings used in the home after the remodeling was completed.  In attempt to make t...
  Are your vacant listings ready for winter? With Showhomes, broken pipes, wet basements and funny smells become worries of the past! Cindy Montgomery of Showhomes Minneapolis has helped Realtors and their home owners sell over 50 homes since January 2010. Let me help you help your clients.      ...
ANOTHER ONE SOLD! After Showhomes designed this home, it sold in 42 days! Prior to Showhomes, this home sat vacant on the market for 410 days... Staging works!!!   This home was an over-the-top contemporary modern home with furnishings that were cold and dated with too many curves. The walls were...
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Just a fun video I put together of my Dad and me in Oregon...

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