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Sometimes in the course of human events, an incident occurs that makes a big impression on me.  I am the first to admit that I can be very skeptical and have enough life experience to be a firm believer in Murphy's law. Last Thursday about 7:30PM,  I received a call from one of my recent clients ...
Please stop by my open house at 1244 Weise between 1:00PM and 3:00PM today, Sunday, December 14th.  This property is a two story home with a lot of potential.  It has four bedrooms and two full baths.  The kitchen is spacious and it has a formal dining room. There is a two stall detached garage a...
Today we have what we in the north call a "snow day".  Children, teachers and real estate agents love them.  Parents, however, usually hate them, especially when they fall just before Christmas. We have about seven inches of snow on the ground and it's still coming down.  The roads are impassible...
Because of our current market "issues", it seems that more and more of the properties I show are vacant.  More often than not, it also appears that no one has been in them for quite awhile.  I have seen cob webs and dead bugs all over the place in many of them.  Sometimes there are numerous busin...
Maybe I'm the only one who knows but I'm pretty sure summer's over.  I'm only a few minutes away from having to shovel about 6" of snow "flurries" off of my driveway so I can get out early tomorrow.  Up until now, i have been driving my car.  Tomorrow, I'm definitely taking the truck! Those of yo...
I decided that it has been some time since I had my mental stability checked.  Most people usually get a doctor to evaluate them by going through a battery of tests.  I choose to do some pre-dawn shopping on the morning after Thanksgiving.  If ever I was going to go crazy, it would have been a fe...
Today must be shut up and listen day on Active Rain.  I looked down the list various posts to see 0 comments on all of them.  There is no way Rainers aren't making comments and suggestions so it must be the first "shut up and listen" day. We are so quick to comment, jump in, get our two cents in ...
I have enough experience in life that it takes a lot to surprise me.  Just when I think that I've seen it all, I meet someone who blows me away.  Today I had an appointment with some out of town buyers for the first time.  They wanted to see a few homes in a certain area of town.  It's been my ex...
Tomorrow the great exodus begins!  Thousands of hunters take to the Wisconsin roads and head "up nort" to begin the one week of the year when it's truly man vs beast.  The beasts, of course, are adorable little, white tailed deer (remember Bambi's mother) but that's beside the point. The hunters ...
I have a property that to make a long story short is being sold for the second time within a 12 month period.  We were getting almost ready to close when the underwriter decided he wanted a second appraisal.  You know, the kind that's just "routine".  You also know in this market that nothing is ...


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