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Whenever I'm showing properties to buyers that are new to me, I make a point of rushing them down to the basement of the home first thing so we can look at the "bones".   I don't want them getting hung up on what i call the pretty pretty aspects of the home. I make the analogy that a house is lik...
We're finally ready to list my Mom's home.  We've painted, carpeted, updated and cleaned the house from top to bottom.  I must admit we do have a few minor things to do but those will be completed in the next day or so.  We probably could keep working on the house for the next month but our time ...
How come - When you park your car as far away from a building as you can, in the wide open spaces, you come out and there is a less than desirable car parked next to you? When you go to church and there's no one within 30ft of you yet the next person in the door asks you to move down and then pro...
It's Monday.  Phase 3 of the upside downsizing project is not quite complete.  There is light at the end of the tunnel, however.  Over the weekend, we ran into a few snags.  It's been raining here for three days so we couldn't take our packed boxes to our storage shed nor could we take our donati...
Oh my stars and garters!  We are now in Phase 3 of the upside downsizing of my mother's home.  Remember she is downsizing to a larger home.  We have painted everything that needs painting, changed out most of the flooring and fixtures and have staged as much as we can.  We do have a few little th...
Yesterday I wrote about what a great Friday it was going to be.  Well it turned out not to be a great Friday.  It turned out to be an awesome Friday! Those of you who having been following the saga of the great buyers/off the wall sellers will be happy to know that last night we made the deal.  W...
Today is going to be a great day!  It's Friday!  It's going to be the day your clothes seem a little looser, your hair (if you have any) lays perfectly and you fill up your gas tank just before they raise gas prices ten cents a gallon.  It's just got to be a great day.  I know real estate agents ...
A few days ago, my daughter bought a house in an area of Milwaukee called Wauwautosa. If you're a native, you would call it "Tosa" for short.  Tosa is a very trendy area of Milwaukee.  She was quite excited when she called me.  She had recently lost a few houses because of price so she was thrill...
Every day I check the referral section of AR and every day it's the same.  There are no referrals for the Green Bay area.  Doesn't anyone want to move to Green Bay?  We have a great economy, awesome weather (can also be read as awful weather sometimes), super schools and plenty of sports and ente...
Most buyers look to me for answers to life's troubling questions like why won't the seller accept my offer.  It's almost the same look a child gives his or her parent when the child is sick.  They want you to make them feel better and take away the pain. I have buyers who, for the last few days, ...


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