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Just wanted to shout it out.......... CONGRATULATIONS TO ANAHEIM DUCKS! It is a season to remember at this Honda Ponda.  You raised the Lord Stanley cup and made southern California proud.  Heck, the first in western United States to win the darn thing!  Way cool!Once again, congratulations to th...
Hello there,Thanks for stopping by.  I'd thought that I would write a little bit this Friday afternoon / evening.I ran across a bio of a top producing agent in the Los Angeles basin area that I was shocked to see...He stated that he is an amateur economist but he has been correct about the market...
Hey there,Yes, you!  It is Friday and as a successful Realtor, you are probably still working.  It goes without saying that we don't get the recognition that many people not in this industry understand.  Many of the newbies think that it is an easy job and that you can work when you want to and g...
Hey, (reposted from earlier)Just wanted to say that despite the bad weather condition and making the pigskin slippery, both teams played with heart and the referees didn't blow call after call like they did last year!  Great job to the Bears and a big congratulations to the Colts.  Both teams des...
Hello there,(Yes, it is a repost of another blog, but pretty much is the same, except cities are somewhat changed to protect their identities)It is rainy here today in Lakewood.  Real estate is far from most people's mind here.  We are so used to having sunshine that the news people usually break...
Hey there,Hope this finds you well.  I am still relatively new when it comes to blogging.  From what I gather, it is a matter of basically having a thought about something and putting it down in form of writing.  A journal if you will.  Of course, in this instance, you are suppose to write someth...

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