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Using Zillow as your Bible?I was out to dinner with some friends this evening, and they brought up the topic of “Zillow”.  They felt that Zillow was a great tool and I am not one to argue that.  BUT, I wanted to really test how accurate it was.  I wanted to see if I was on that mark or they were ...
Web 2.0 ? HUH??Larry Cragun, from Mortgages undressed pointed out to me that I missed the concept behind the meaning of Web 2.0.   I was quite embarrassed about not knowing what web 2.0 was.  Sure Ihave heard of it, but I did not understand it, so I set out on a mission to understand the meaning ...
I live right outside of Manhatten - 15 minutes from there.  I live in Queens County, Whitestone Ny.  I saw the fighter planes, I saw the smoke from the towers, I heard the fire trucks racing to the Twin Towers.  I was close to Gound Zero - but thankfully - Not that close.  But still - there is so...
The other day I was asked, "Why don't I post my homes for sale on my blog?"  This  was a good question.  I have to admit, I was sort of stumped.  I thought about it a lot this weekend, and I know I have read some articles on why NOT to post homes for sale on a real estate blog, I just had to do s...
BloodHoundBlog - "Are you being treated like a grown up?"Greg Swan over at BloodhoundBlog asks this question:  But the question at hand is this one: If sellers routinely negotiate commissions, why don't buyers?  His article is long - I couldn't possibly repost it here.In the NYC area, we do not p...
 In Nyc it is not normal practice to work with a buyer agent. I have never been a buyer agent and I have rarely seen a buyer's agent.  I think that this is something that should be enhanced and worked on here.  As a broker in Queens, NY.  I feel that the buyers are mis-lead on where agents loyali...
My top tens: I have been blogging for a few months now and I have come across some great posts that I wanted to share.  Zillowable, to coin a phrase  by SellsiusRealEstateTop Ten Woman Real Estate Bloggers by SellsiusRealEstateHow did the industry get broken and how do we fix it  by Ardell, RainC...
Amazing, shocking and just plain mind-blowing!    Here's the scoop - there is a buyer out there that is just furious.  He had to take his home off the market - or felt he had to take his house off the market, because someone pulled a Zillow estimate and claimed that the seller is asking $500,000....
You know its funny, I must interview about 50-75 people a year.  It could be for an agent or for receptionist positions.  I have fired and released workers, something that I hate doing and takes me a long time to actually do, I always feel a bit sorry when I fire someone.  Sometimes I feel so bad...
Is there a real estate bubble?  Should I buy now or wait until the market drops? Its a buyers market now, the sellers have to come down in thier price...All quotes that I have been hearing for the past few months.   Let me first answer the first one.  Do I think that there is a bubble?  No - Not ...

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