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Memphis real estate investor Chris Ivy shares information on how homeowners can sell their house fast the non traditional way. Discover both motivational and informative posts for the Memphis Tn market.
ActiveRain November ChallengeI love challenges and this November challenge is one I looked forward to participating in. I chose to list 5 things that I'm thankful for being part of Activerain community here in 2020.  I've enjoyed reading everyone posts so far.      Opportunity To Meet Other Great...
Simple Fun One of the games that I enjoyed playing as a kid and even to this day is Tic Tac Toe.  All that is needed is piece of paper, a pencil and an opponent and you can have some competitive fun.  To win, all you needed to do was get three X's or three O's in a straight, horizontal or diagona...
 Which Approach Should You Take? When you decide to become a business owner there are so many how, why and what questions that are going to come up that it's not even funny.  No longer will you have the luxury of having those questions answered and analyzed by someone else.  Both the mirror and t...
 Becoming a homeowner in Memphis Tennessee is a goal that a lot of people have on their bucket list.  It definitely was on my list and I was able to check it off at the age of 25. There's nothing like owning a home, decorating it to your liking, cutting the lawn and seeing that mortgage payment d...
 October Hi ActiveRainer's how is everyone out there?   I hope everyone is safe and business is thriving.  Every since the NBA Finals ended with the Los Angles Lakers winning the title I've been in a championship type of mood.  That mood has led me to create an October Challenge I would like to i...
 If you clicked on this weeks blog looking for a sneak peak on the next toy offering from McDonald's you may be disappointed.  The motivational factor behind this post was thrusted upon me while doing a little pre winter cleaning in my daughter's room.   As we were going through her play area and...
  House Sold Now What's Next? Going through the process of selling your home has been a roller coaster ride full of emotions.  Now that negotiations are over and you have a closing date scheduled its now time to focus in on packing up your home for the move. You pick up your phone, call some of y...
 (Chris the Landlord) Hi this is Chris calling to notify that due to non payment of rent these last two months we are going to move forward with assigning a move out date for you. (Tenant) Is there anyway I could possibly have a few more weeks to get you the rent money? (Chris the Landlord) Unfor...
 If you're in the field of real estate I'm almost certain you've heard the words nope, no thank you or not interested.  These words may have been followed by a door being swiftly closed in your face, an unexpected dial tone or a few ear ticklers being spewed. In real estate, sales or life in gene...
Should Model Homes Be Sold At A Discount? Good morning ladies and gents!  Today's post is going to be a little different from me.  Instead of this being an informative post I want to make this more of a "what's your thought on this" type post.  Yesterday I was out looking at homes in the Cordova ...


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