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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Ivy Vine Investments
Memphis real estate investor Chris Ivy shares information on how homeowners can sell their house fast the non traditional way. Discover both motivational and informative posts for the Memphis Tn market.
    I Got A Job In A Different State Now I Need To Sell My House Fast! You applied for your dream job and you just found out that you were selected for the position.  You are full of joy and can't wait to start on your new journey.  The only issue that you see with starting the new job has nothin...
  The High's, The Low's & The I Didn't Know'sBefore I even start on this end of the year post I want to send one up  to all of the people whom we lost in 2020.  Whether it was due to a untimely and shocking accident, old age or the results of an unknown virus that none of us were prepared for you...
 Have you ever driven by a large apartment complex in your city and really paid attention to the layout?  Just like the picture above, you will find multiple units that all look similar from the exterior.  No single unit really stands out from any of the others at first glance. It's not until you...
                                                             No matter how many property's you own, deals you've closed this month or revenue you've earned those things will never have more value than time.  If you look around the world, you can find tons of millionaires and 2,825 billionaires.  ...
                                        With the holiday season upon us, I think it's the perfect time to share with you an easy to make peanut butter dessert that you and your family will enjoy.  It's one of my favorite desserts next to a homemade caramel cake.  If for some strange reason, I was...
                                               Along with every person in this world comes different personalities, dreams, likes and interests.  Not everyone likes frosted flakes or the movie saving private ryan.  When you think about it, it's hard to find one thing that everyone likes or has in...
 What Is Dirty Santa? When I saw the December challenge posted by Anna Kruchten I immediately knew I wanted to participate.  This month challenge involved writing a post describing something that brought holiday cheer to our lives.  With a sly grin on my face, I got to tapping the keys on my MacB...
  In your city you may receive marketing material or see advertisements for company's stating that they buy homes in your area.  At first glance, some people may think that it's some sort of scam to steal your home but it's not.  Real estate investors are behind those brands and provide needed so...
   Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone Here On ActiveRain!  Be Safe, Eat Well And Enjoy The Time Spent With Family.  2020 hasn't been the best but I'm sure we all can still find things that we are thankful for.  I know I can. ThanksChris Ivy
 Give & Take I was getting ready to start marketing in a new zip code here in Memphis when I was asked a very good question that made me stop and think.  A member of my team asked what could we give to this particular community compared to just taking from it.  Before she asked this question my m...


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