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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Ivy Vine Investments
Memphis real estate investor Chris Ivy shares information on how homeowners can sell their house fast the non traditional way. Discover both motivational and informative posts for the Memphis Tn market.
  What Is Zillow Offer? As I was sitting on the couch yesterday I saw an interesting commercial from real estate giant Zillow. The commercial informed that they were now in the business of buying homes.  If a homeowner is looking to sell their home in a specific market they can contact Zillow and...
 Low Ball Offers When the subject of selling your home to an investor comes up usually one topic leads the conversation.  Why would I want to entertain an offer when they only offer low ball offers?  This is a question that many homeowners ask and a stigma real estate investors try to shake.  In ...
  The Golden Years  Some of the things we all should look forward to in life is aging gracefully and living life to the fullest. When I say living life to the fullest I mean looking back when you are in your late years and having a huge smile on your face.  Memories of having all of the family to...
 One of the greatest negotiations I've made in my life had absolutely nothing to do with buying a house.  Before I get into the details I want to put a disclaimer out.  This post is for all of the fellas who may have recently purchased a house with their wife or significant other. You both are ex...
  Whitehaven: Home To More Than Elvis Presley 3734 Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis Tn 38116 is a well known address in Memphis.  It is the address of Graceland; the home of Elvis Presley.  Each year over 500,000 people visit the home which is tucked away in the Whitehaven community.  A community...
 Scavenger Hunt For Motivated Sellers In The Memphis Market  Scattered throughout the city of Memphis are homeowners who have a needTo sell their home or property urgently with emphasis being placed on speed You may have inherited an unexpected home or moving to a new stateBut time is of the esse...
   Pushing Ourselves Through Unconventional Situations The acronym potus is commonly known to stand for President Of The United States.  With this being a real estate related post I wanted to think outside of the box on this one. As I sat in my oval shaped chair pondering on how I would flip this...
 Congrats, it looks like you've finally made the hard decision to sell your house or rental property here in Memphis Tennessee.  You've burned the midnight oil searching google and other reputable sites on the ways to sell your home.  After a long but careful process you've decided to sell your h...
 There are almost 32 million bloggers in the United States and as of 2020 I proudly became one myself. To be honest, I never saw the importance of blogging about events that were  going on in my life.  It wasn't until I started my own business that I saw the big picture which was being able to sh...


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