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Buyers and Sellers of real estate deserve the truth, responsiveness and information. Let me show you why Southwest Florida is a great place to live and invest in real estate.



Looking for an opportunity for a 1031 exchange? Planning for the future?  Take a look at this condo in Bermuda Park located at Villages of Bonita in Bonita Springs, Florida.A great tenant is included with this residence. Enjoy preserve views from this peaceful, second floor condominum. Two Bedroo...
I am locked out of my point2 site, can't log in, can't get a new password emailed, they have no number to call and I've sent dozens of email and password change requests and received nothing back. Nothing is in my spam filter, I haven't gotten squat. Does anyone with a point2 site have the abilit...
The Brain lives upstairs.  She's a college student at Florida Gulfcoast University.  She has alot of crap in her room and it's the room her brothers old room and trinkling down the stairs.  Today, we have a buyer coming to look at our house.  I have to ride her like Secretariat to...
Wait!  This almost met a brutal death in my shredder.  I snapped it up before it was ground to bits and took another look (and scanned it just for you).  Perfect timing for the Toys for Tots to show up. I'm cleaning and decluttering because my house is for sale. I have found toys and collectible ...
Let me start by saying this: I love referrals.  Where other do mind them, I don't mind them one bit.  My theory is this:  I can use this listing as a tool to get another listing in the same neighborhood that is all mine, mine, mine or sell a home off the listing I'm offering a referral on, right?...
Don't ask me how I find stuff like this.  Besides, the real question you should be asking is "How did this guy discover an onion and gatorade powers the world?"  Now, since it's a USB plug that he's using can this technique charge my Treo? I mean....if ever I am so stranded with only an onion and...
If you haven't tried it before or heard of it for that matter has an online photo service.  Now, photo processing is a competitive market and I don't doubt that there are per print prices that might be more affordable if I cared to shop for it.Here is the neatest thing a...
The 21st Annual Bonita Springs Boat Parade is scheduled for December 08, 2007.  If you aren't registered to participate should start planning where you'll park to see the show.  Popular locations for parking and viewing included the Imperial River Boat Ramp and Riverview Center (for parking) and ...
I sort of overheard this on a commercial from the next room and then did a search for it on Google. The next time someone asks you if blogging works or if blogging has a future or if there's a reason to blog. (uh, maybe to tell the truth) Let them have a look at this.  You don't have to be spoon ...
9156 Brendan Preserve Ct., Bonita Springs, Florida 34135 Never mow the lawn again! This home looks like a single family home but is zoned condominium and the lawn care is included in the maintenance. Features of this beautiful 4 bedroom, 2.5 baths "Cottage" include hardwood and marble stone floor...

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Buyers and Sellers of real estate deserve the truth, reponsiveness and information. Let me show you why Southwest Florida is a great place to live and invest in real estate.

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